I Could Do That

There are so many people out there doing amazing things.
I look at them and think, “I could do amazing things, too.”
And I could, if only I would take that first step.
But I begin to wonder, what is that first step?
What direction does it lead in?
What does the second step look like?
Is there some way I can know a few things in advance,
before I go around taking all these steps?
I think these things, and then I know
why I’m not the one doing amazing things.
“I could” is easier than “I will”.


One thought on “I Could Do That

  1. julieemoore

    You are so right. it is easier to say I could than go ahead and do it. I’ve been in stuck places ike that before. As a matter of fact I’m kind of at a cross roads now. I guess we just have to make up our minds and do whatever IT is and watch the blessings flow.


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